Journey Senior Adult Ministries (AGES 60+)
Senior Adult Pastor: Debbie Wright


  • To reiterate the validity of this age group and to emphasize the importance of their experience, wisdom and authority through Christ;
  • To reiterate their importance as a part of the church family of FWC in helping mentor the next generation;
  • To encourage the senior adults to continue their journey with the Lord because this stage of their lives “is for such a time as this!”


  • To welcome all senior adults into our church family and help them realize their value and potential through Christ;
  • To help senior adults develop friendships through fellowship with each other;
  • To provide education, counsel, support and love to every senior adult so that they can overcome anything from their past that would stand in the way of their future;
  • To bring unity to the senior adults of FWC so that they can be the leaders, teachers, witnesses, and preachers God has called them to be.


  • To maintain a constant life of worship, thankfulness, and prayerfulness to our Lord and Savior;
  • To be empowered with inner strength through the Holy Spirit;
  • To be rooted in God so that we learn to trust Him, grow in Him and His love, and to maintain strength through His power;
  • And through Him, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.


  November 2019  
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