Lead Pastor & Spouse

Bishop Mark & Kim Knight

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Pastor Mark, along with his wife, Kim, and daughter, Kaitlyn, moved to Hodgenville and began serving as Lead Pastor in 2006. Pastor Mark was called into the ministry at the age of sixteen, and an interesting fact is that Pastor Mark's first church to preach as a guest was right here at Family Worship Center in 1982. Pastor Mark also currently serves on the Church of God State Council Board and is also a District Overseer for Kentucky Church of God. Sister Kim serves as our Praise & Worhsip Leader.

Administrative Elders

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From left to right: Mark Kappel, Donnie Maupin, Paul Mayfield, Doug Mitchell

FWC's Administrative Elders are responsible for the financial oversight and decision-making for the church. All four men bring a diverse background of knowledge and expertise, but they each exhibit great integrity and dedication to FWC.

Ministry Elders

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From left to right: David Wortham, Johnny Sidebottom

FWC's Ministry Elders do exactly what their title suggests. They provide ministry to our FWC family. From visiting those who are sick or just providing much needed encouragement, our Ministry Elders provide great support and assistance to our leadership and church family. Their love for the Lord is evident, and their prayers are powerful and effective just as James 5 describes!

Administrative Pastor

Jenn Mayfield

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Jenn and her husband, Paul, began attending Family Worship Center in 1996. In 2006, Jenn began working part-time at FWC but in 2008, God made it possible for Jenn to quit her secular job as a social worker and work full-time at FWC. Jenn became a licensed minister with the Church of God in 2006 and enjoys teaching and training. 

Connection Point Student Ministries Youth Pastors

Paul & Kyndra Martinez

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Paul and Kyndra began attending FWC in the spring of 2016 after moving from Hesperia, California, where they were youth pastors until their move to Kentucky. They came with the highest recommendations and immediately jumped in to become a part of our church family. They have a great passion for the youth of our church and are very dedicated in teaching our youth about Jesus and discipling them to impact their world! Paul is a part of our worship team and Kyndra also assists with our Kids Church. 

Live Wire Kids Church Pastors

Mark & Chrissie Kappel

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Mark and Chrissie have attended FWC since 1991 when they were but teenagers themselves. They both have been very active in almost all the areas of church ministry throughout their time with FWC but are currently FWC's Live Wire Kids Church Pastors. Mark and Chrissie have an amazing passion for our kids, and they have to in order to keep up with our little "Live Wires"! 

Truth 4 Tots Toddler Church Director

Carla Hoffie

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Carla and her husband, Jerome, began attending FWC in 2005. Carla is an amazing lady who saw a great need and took charge. Carla began our Toddler Church Ministry and started teaching our little ones all about Jesus! She has a love and passion for the Lord that shines through as our toddlers can't wait for "church" to begin. 

Praise & Worship Leader

Kim Knight

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Our First Lady, Kim, is also our Praise & Worship Leader. Kim has a great passion for worship and a great love for singing and playing the keyboard. Kim loves FWC and FWC's church family, but she especially loves to sing the roof off for our Lord! 

Women's Ministries President

Crystal Maupin

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Crystal and her husband, Donnie, began attending FWC in 1992. Crystal became the Women's Ministries President in 2002 and has definitely shown her love for and dedication to FWC and the ladies of FWC. Crystal has a temendous giving spirit and a gift for spreading her excitement for our ladies' outings and meetings! 

Journey Senior Adult Pastor

Debbie Wright

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Debbie started attending Family Worship Center in 1974 with her husband, Calvin. Debbie has held many different leadership positions over the years and has always been faithful to God and to Family Worship Center. We are proud that Debbie now serves as our Senior Adult Pastor as well as being the overseer of our Altar Workers and Deliverance Ministry. 

   September 2019   
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